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YMonday, 7 June 2010' 01:06

new blog


YSaturday, 8 May 2010' 08:21

okay. lets talk about my school life 1st. there will be many picha in this post. xD

this gal name loke kar yan.
a funny, friendly and a kind ppl too.
only her who let us takae this kind of picha xD

this is my kh kayu.
just simple but look neat lo.
same with lam lam de.haha
cas only we 2 no idea wad to do.

this gal name hui jun.
a gal good in studies and friendly too.
take this all photo during koko's time.
the 1st time i stay bak after school xD

hui jun and kar yan

tat's me vinnie yap.
the 1st time stay back after school.
every one look weird with me
ask me: vinnie~ kamu stay bak hari ni ke?
1st time nampak kamu stay bak la.
i just =="

school life end with this scary photo (kar yan) xD

hello kitty pillow.
baby brought it for me.
love it so much.
thank you =)

this is my sis's hamster.
mr sia name it as pikacu.
because he love pikacu =="

went to pyramid with baby, sisters, mr sia and cousin

take new print photo at there.

exspecialy love this xD

the cloth i brought for baby.
writting there: if u don't like my attitude dial 1800-eat shit xD

haha. snap by me xD

baby's lc face

and the me xD

yesterday ~


baby's brought this for his mum for mother's day
nice right.
leisure mall~

eat sakae sushi with baby
eating ~
nite dinner with grandma

YMonday, 26 April 2010' 00:06

i know i have been so long time din reali upload my blog.
lazy+nothing to post.
but now goin to post my happiest friday,saturday and sunday xD
after school baby and mh come to find us so we not follow aunty's car bak.
den we go nyonya kopitiam eat while waiting my mum come to fetch us.
around 6 o'clock.
mum go to fetch jolin and christine come my hse.
and they were gambling xD
nola.just play for fun

and the baby play with them xD
around 7o clock we goin to jusco.
for wad?
have been so long time i din go there.
miss greenbox alots.

some photo taken at green box~

all these taken by baby xD

i still can see u xD
is the time i take with my baby

the always funny baby
love this much

went back home around 12 o clock
today went to jusco again.
went there for?
not green box la~
movie with baby and mh and sis them =)
watch beauty on duty!
funny movie xD
meet many surians today.
kaxin and aili all those gang xD
because suria sport day!
after eat den dad come to fetch us.
den we go bak home awhile.
den go out again~
go leisure mall.
u know wad i do at there?
my hair getting short and short.
but give others still ok.
just ignore it!
and i meet surians at leisure again xD
celvin.desmond.timothy.kenny.kervin. and benzee i think i saw him
den we having our dinner at bukit anggerik~

go bak around 10 o clock.

woke up at 10 (if i'm not mistaken)
having breakfast at "bu jian bu san"

my sis


Den we went to UCSI college because mh nid to register.

and also baby's new college =)

den went to jusco again xD
the 3rd time jusco xD
went there for?
not green box not movie!
is this>

den 6 o clock go bak.
den straight away go dinner.
having dinner at JOGOYA!
have lots of picha here.
enjoy xD

baby pose with the clips xD

mh and my sis

left 1.
another 1 baby eat ady xD

shark fins~

i like this.
taste like san francisco pizza spagetti~

my mummy =)

my youngest sis

my daddy


taken by mummy=)
love this <3

after dinner den go down walk.
so nice ~

the last picha will be end of my sis and mr.sia photo xD

vinnie poohY


<3 love
i love this
vinnie and virginia
babes forever i love baju kurung=) starbuck♥
i love u♥